BC man found guilty of polygamy believed he couldnt be prosecuted lawyer

first_imgCRANBROOK, B.C. – Crown lawyers argue that a fundamentalist Mormon leader should have relied on legal precedent instead of public statements from the provincial government for clarity on Canada’s criminal polygamy laws.Winston Blackmore, who was found guilty of practicing polygamy in July, has applied for relief from the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, arguing that his rights are being violated by criminal prosecution.Blackmore has been practicing polygamy with 24 women between 1990 and 2014, according to his indictment. Jim Oler, a co-accused, was also found guilty of practicing polygamy with five women between 1993 and 2009.Peter Wilson, a special prosecutor who approved the charges and is leading the case for the Crown, says that Blackmore was always at risk of prosecution even though the polygamy law under Section 293 of the Canadian Criminal Code has been constitutionally vague in the past.Prosecutors have the discretion, based on the evidence, to approved criminal charges based on the evidence, Wilson said.“We say that the applicant took a calculated risk when he engaged in activity that was prohibited by the Criminal Code,” Wilson said. “That section applied, at all times, relevant to this case, and it still does and it applies to all citizens of Canada.”Blackmore’s charter challenge alleges that he believed there would be no attempt to prosecute him for polygamy after an investigation in the early 1990s because officials within the Attorney General’s office believed charging someone under Section 293 would be unconstitutional.Blackmore’s application relies on a 1992 news release declaring those opinions as validation that he would not be prosecuted for polygamy.However, Wilson says that there needed to be a legal declaration from the courts, not a government official.“It’s clear, the Criminal Justice Branch cannot rule on Section 293,” said Wilson. “It can opine on it and they did, (but) they can’t rule on it. If the branch wants a ruling whether this section or that section is constitutional, they come here (Supreme Court) and ask for it.”Joe Doyle, who is serving as a friend of the court to ensure a fair trial, argued that Oler should not be prosecuted for the same reason as Blackmore, that he was led to believe through statements from the Attorney General, that he would not be prosecuted for polygamy.“Given various comments from and on behalf of the Attorney General of B.C., his lack of concern regarding being prosecuted for polygamy is completely understandable and justifiable,” said Doyle.The constitutionality of Section 293 was legally addressed in 2011 in a reference case in B.C. Supreme Court, as Justice Robert Bauman ruled that it is not unconstitutional to charge someone with polygamy.“The release of the polygamy reference was a sea change in the legal landscape,” said Wilson. “Nothing could have been more significant to a charging decision, in the circumstances of this case, than that.”Both Blackmore and Oler were found guilty following their trial in April, however, a conviction hasn’t been formally recorded until the charter challenge issue is settled.(Cranbrook Daily Townsman)last_img read more

Flush the milk Study finds more than half of food produced in

first_imgTORONTO – More than half the food produced in Canada is wasted and the average kitchen tosses out hundreds of dollars worth of edibles every year, says a study researchers are calling the first of its kind.“It’s a lot of food,” said Lori Nikkel of Second Harvest, the Toronto-based group working to reduce food waste that commissioned the study.“We waste more food than we consume.”The study released Thursday is the world’s first to measure food waste using data from industry and other sources instead of estimates, said Martin Gooch of Value Chain Management International, which conducted the study.Value Chain works with agriculture, aquaculture, marine and food industries to make them more profitable.“What we did was actually go to industry and (said), ‘Give us primary data,’” Gooch said. “This is the first time anywhere in the world that anyone’s gone out and got primary data that connects production with consumers.”Results were checked with industry experts.“At every point in the process, we ground-truthed it,” said Gooch. “We’re confident our results are conservative.”Previous work has suggested that Canadians waste almost 400 kilograms of food per person, one of the world’s highest totals. The new work adds considerable detail to that figure.Apples rot in the grass for lack of harvest workers. Surplus milk is flushed. Thousands of hectares of produce are plowed after cancelled orders.The report, funded largely by the Walmart Foundation, concludes 58 per cent of Canadian food production is wasted.That includes unavoidable waste such as animal bones. But a solid one-third of the waste — more than 11 million tonnes — could be recovered.The report says the value of usable groceries that wind up in landfills or other disposal sites is almost $50 billion. That’s more than half the amount Canadians spend on food every year and is enough to feed every Canadian for five months.As well, it says avoidable food waste in Canada produces more than 22 million tonnes of climate-changing carbon dioxide emissions.The report says processing and manufacturing are the largest sources of avoidable waste, accounting for 43 per cent of it. Produce that doesn’t meet exacting grading standards, inaccurate market forecasts and inefficient processes are all part of the problem.So are date codes which remove perfectly healthy food from the market.“Best-before doesn’t mean awful-after,” said Nikkel.Canadian kitchens are also conspicuous wastrels, responsible for 21 per cent of avoidable waste. That’s about $1,700 per household in a country in which four million people struggle for regular meals.Hospitals, restaurants and institutions contribute 13 per cent of avoidable food waste. Retail outlets are close behind at 12 per cent.Farmers waste only six per cent of the usable food they produce. Distributors waste even less at five per cent.The report details many ways waste could be cut. Better co-ordination between farmer and processor, changes to crop insurance, clearer date codes, improved safety assessments for donated food and liability reform could all help keep nutrition out of the garbage and on somebody’s plate.Even avoiding bulk buys that result in excess being tossed away would help, said Nikkel.Canadians should change their attitude toward food, she added.“We’ve cheapened it so much that it doesn’t have value any more. It would horrify our grandparents.”“We need to go back to that valuing of food.”last_img read more

Limits on Canadian money in US politics means Trump donor backlash unlikely

first_imgOTTAWA — Canadians eyeing the boycott of popular U.S. fitness clubs over their connection to a major fundraising event for President Donald Trump might be wondering whether they too will need to choose between their principles and their workout — or their coffee, their grocery store or a nice pair of shoes.There will always be political considerations behind consumer choices, be it the use of child labour or environmentally friendly packaging, but it seems unlikely that any homegrown Canadian company is in for the kind of backlash that luxury gym Equinox and indoor cycling studio SoulCycle are facing now.“This case is particularly acute in the U.S., when there are virtually no spending limits on fundraising,” said Jonathan Rose, an associate professor of Canadian politics at Queen’s University.“It is also exacerbated by the unpopularity of the U.S. president.”The uproar began after The Washington Post reported that Stephen Ross, head of the real estate development company The Related Cos., which owns the fitness businesses, was set to host the fundraiser Friday at his home in the Hamptons, where a photo with Trump would cost $US100,000.Critics, including several celebrities, took to Twitter to say they would boycott the fitness locales, arguing they do not want their money supporting the 2020 presidential campaign of Trump, who they called racist and unfriendly to the LGBTQ community.Chances are slim that another company could suffer similar consequences for its own political donations on this side of the border, however — Canadians are not allowed to contribute money to U.S. political campaigns in the first place, or even that much to our own.It is against the law for foreigners to donate to American candidates, parties or political groups. The U.S. subsidiaries of Canadian companies can donate, and so can their employees, but non-U.S. citizens can have nothing to do with it.The U.S. Federal Election Commission received a complaint in May alleging Canadian Barry Zekelman, the CEO of Zekelman Industries, a steel and pipe manufacturer, was inappropriately involved in a decision by subsidiary company Wheatland Tube to donate a total of US$1.75 million to America First Action, an organization supporting Trump’s re-election effort.Zekelman did not respond to a request for comment Friday.There are many U.S.-based subsidiaries of Canadian companies that do add money to the American political scene, including big banks, energy companies and the insurance industry, but reports filed to the Federal Election Commission suggest they are relatively bipartisan with their charity.Data aggregated by the Center for Responsive Politics, which researches campaign financing south of the border, shows that 25 political action committees organized by U.S. subsidiaries of Canadian companies contributed a total of US$1.45 million during the 2018 election cycle.About 59 per cent of that money went to Republican candidates or causes, while the rest went to Democrats.That data does not include contributions made directly by the U.S. subsidiaries or their employees.Campaign financing in Canadian federal politics is a different, and smaller, animal.There is a ban on political contributions to candidates, parties or riding associations by corporations or trade unions.The annual limit to what an individual can give per year is currently set at $1,600, which is orders of magnitude less than what it takes to get into the fundraiser organized by Ross, who is also the owner of the Miami Dolphins football team.Lori Turnbull, director of the School of Public Administration at Dalhousie University, said that does not mean prominent Canadians should not think about the kind of message they are sending when they contribute to a candidate or political party.“It’s about the values alignment and whether you can reconcile the kind of messaging that a corporation might be putting out and then the messaging that might be coming from a politicians who they align with,” she said.Both Equinox and SoulCycle tried to distance themselves from Ross and his fundraiser this week.“We want to let you know that Equinox and SoulCycle have nothing to do with the event and do not support it,” Equinox wrote on Twitter, adding that no company profits are used to fund politicians.“We believe in tolerance and equality, and will always stay true to those values,” said the statement, which described Ross as a passive investor who does not manage either business.— Follow @smithjoanna on TwitterJoanna Smith, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Huawei frozen toes and a titillating trip InTheNews for Sept 24

first_imgIn-The-News is a roundup of stories from The Canadian Press designed to kickstart your day. Here is what’s on the radar of our editors for the morning of Sept. 24.What we are watching in Canada …OTTAWA — With less than a month to go for the general election, leaders are criss-crossing the country with almost eye-watering speed.Both the Liberal and Conservative leaders are in key election battlegrounds today.Justin Trudeau is in B.C.’s Lower Mainland and Andrew Scheer in southwestern Ontario.Trudeau will be at a company in Burnaby that works on cutting-edge battery technology for uses such as electric vehicles.Scheer starts his day just outside Niagara Falls before making stops in Cambridge, Kitchener and London.Singh will be in Winnipeg and then continues west to appear in his home district for a town hall by the end of the day.Meanwhile, Green Leader Elizabeth May will be at a post office in Sackville, N.B., before moving on to Halifax.—Also this …VANCOUVER — Lawyers for the detained Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou say she was illegally arrested at Vancouver’s airport last year.The Crown says there’s no truth to these allegations.The battle continues in court today.Yesterday, Meng’s lawyers alleged that the Canada Border Services Agency officers detained her under the pretence of a routine secondary inspection. They say she wasn’t told she was facing an extradition arrest warrant.But the Crown said newly released court documents show the border services agency was following proper procedure to determine Meng’s admissibility to Canada.They said as soon as it suspended its examination, R-C-M-P legally executed the arrest warrant.—ICYMI (In case you missed it) …TORONTO — Ontario Provincial Police are no longer releasing the gender of people charged with crimes.OPP spokeswoman Sgt. Carolle Dionne says the force proactively decided to stop releasing gender information in light of a broader societal shift on the issue, noting drivers’ licences and other identification documents are no longer required to list gender. “We’re using ‘the individual,’ ‘the accused,’ or ‘the driver,’ or ‘the suspect’ or ‘a person of interest,’ to remain gender-neutral,” she says.She says during a recent review of legislation, the force found the Police Services Act does not require that information to be made public.She says data on gender will still be collected for analytical purposesOther personal information, such as name, age and hometown, must be made public.—What we are watching in the U.S. …“How dare you?”Among the voices of prime ministers and presidents at the United Nations climate summit in New York, the one that stood out was that of 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.“We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and yet all you can talk about is money,” Thunberg said. “You are failing us.”Thunberg along with 15 activists have filed a formal U.N. complaint about governments’ lack of action on climate. It contends their rights are being violated not just because of severe weather, but also because of lack of food and water and an increase in refugees.At the United Nations climate summit, dozens of presidents, prime ministers and corporate executives sought to highlight their efforts to reduce planet-warming emissions.United States President Donald Trump made an unscheduled brief stop at the summit.With the lights down and the program under way, Trump spent about 15 minutes but did not speak.—What we are watching in the rest of the world …LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM — James Egerton-Stanbridge and his wife, Kim, were set to fly from London’s Gatwick Airport to Egypt to celebrate her 60th birthday when flights were grounded.“Kim was crying this morning. We’re devastated,” he said.The sudden collapse of British tour company Thomas Cook and its network of airlines and hotels has had ripple effects — families stranded, honeymoons and vacations cancelled, and thousands of workers laid off.The company was brought down by a variety of factors, including crushing debts and online competition.The 178-year-old travel agency that helped pioneer the package tour ceased operating in the middle of the night. Its four airlines stopped carrying customers, and its 21,000 employees in 16 countries lost their jobs.The British government swung into action, lining up flights to bring an estimated 150,000 Britain-based customers back home from vacation spots around the globe in what was called the biggest peacetime repatriation effort in the country’s history.—On this day in 1904 …Toronto’s George Lyon won the golf title at the St. Louis Olympics, the last time golf was an Olympic sport before being reinstated for the 2016 Olympics.The 46-year-old eccentric walked to the award ceremony on his hands.—Weird and wild …DAWSON CITY, Yukon — An British man who lost several toes to frostbite in Yukon is being reunited with his missing appendages.  Former British marine Nick Griffiths is set to become the most exclusive member of an exclusive club when he visits the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City to sip a so-called sourtoe cocktail; a shot of whisky with a mummified human toe in it.This cocktail will contain Griffiths’ own big toe, which was amputated along with two other toes, after he suffered severe frostbite while taking part in a nearly 500-kilometre endurance race across Yukon in March 2018.The sourtoe was first created in 1973 and has been served more than 90,000 times since.But hotel general manager Adam Gerle says Griffiths will be the first person to take the drink with his own toe.—Your travel …MONTREAL — The Montreal Burlesque Festival wants to take spectators back to a time when we used to wait.When homes didn’t have entertainment systems and people would invest time in courtship rituals before even so much as holding hands, says Scarlett James, whose three-day festival runs Oct. 17-19.“Today, with the click of a finger, we can access the most intimate little corner of a human being,” says James.“So, it’s important for us to make the audience wait, to desire.”The festival is an ode to Montreal’s Sin City days of the 1940s and 1950s, when hundreds of brothels, nightclubs, gambling dens and bookmaking counters attracted tourists from across the world — and especially from south of the border.About 30 burlesque dancers from around the world are scheduled to perform over the three nights. James said they’ll seduce, titillate, amaze and humour — but most of all, she explained, they’ll take their time on stage and peel off one layer at a time.“We are going back to the days when you needed to, kind of, deserve it,” she said. “You needed to wait. To enjoy the journey.”—Celebrity buzz …TORONTO — Canadian celebrities are trying to put the issue of climate change at centre stage in the upcoming election.Actress Cynthia Dale and actor R.H. Thomson are among more than 40 celebrities volunteering their time and services to the newly formed Artists for Real Climate Action, a grassroots, non-partisan campaign aimed at pushing politicians to make climate change a priority.Through a series of online public service announcements, events and the website www.thisisnotadrill.ca, the group is also encouraging Canadians to let their candidates know that if they don’t have a real plan for climate action, they don’t have their vote.“Every year there are species going extinct, and I think: How will I be able to look my grandchild in the face? How can I look at my son and say, ‘I didn’t do anything,’ or ‘Oops, I was busy’ or ‘I didn’t know what I could do,’” says Dale, star of the show “Street Legal.” This election is critical for the planet, says Thomson.“It can’t be just one more tick box on the set of election issues. It is THE issue, because if we miss this one, we condemn future generations to quite an unhappy place.”—News you can use …TORONTO — Several brands of gripe water used to treat upset stomach in babies have been recalled due to microbial contamination.Health Canada says RW Consumer Products Ltd. is recalling all lots of “Gripe Water — Alcohol And Preservative Free.” They are sold under various brand names including Shoppers Drug Mart’s Life Brand, the Walmart brand Equate, Rexall’s brand Be Better and the Pharmasave brand.The recalled gripe water is also sold under the brand names Atoma, Baby’s Choice, Personnelle, Teddy’s Choice and Western Family. The various products all carry the natural product number 80080669.Health Canada says ingesting a contaminated product may pose serious health risks and that infants may be more vulnerable because they have developing immune systems.Symptoms of a microbial infection in infants may include vomiting and watery diarrhea, fever and abdominal pain.—This report by The Canadian Press was first published Sept. 24, 2019.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Bret Michaels New Hard Rock Salad Benefits Charity

first_imgPittsburgh native and legendary rocker Bret Michaels teamed up with Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh this week to create a signature menu item – a fantastic salad.Bret Michaels stops by Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh to introduce the new Bret SaladCredit/Copyright: Hard Rock International/Ed Rieker, AP Images for InvisionYesterday, Bret Michaels was at Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh to kick off the month-long celebration and deliver a special guitar that will be added to Hard Rock’s world-famous collection.Bret Michaels celebrates his personal guitar donation to Hard Rock’s world-famous memorabilia collectionCredit/Copyright: Hard Rock International/Ed Rieker, AP Images for InvisionMichaels’ menu item, the Nicoise Salad, will feature grilled tuna filet on a bed of bibb lettuce, mixed greens with green beans, grape tomatoes, hardboiled egg, cannellini beans and radishes served with lemon Dijon dressing. It will be available for $14.50 throughout the month of July at Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh. This is an extension of Bret’s partnership with Hard Rock.A portion of the retail price of the rocker’s salad will benefit the Bret Michaels Life Rocks Foundation which supports charitable causes that are near to Bret’s heart. The Foundation sends newly diagnosed Type 1 children to diabetes education camps and supports other causes such as veterans organizations, children’s hospitals and pet charities.Global entrepreneur and philanthropist Bret Michaels also donated his Pittsburgh Steelers guitar, one of only two in the world, to become a permanent part of the brand’s world-famous memorabilia collection. The 77,000+ piece Hard Rock collection, which celebrates new and legendary music icons, is the world’s greatest collection of music memorabilia.last_img read more

Mikmaq band asks for emergency order to protect atrisk salmon from natural

first_imgCORRECTION: In this story, APTN said that nine billion litres of brine would go into the river each day if the Alton Gas project is approved. In fact, Alton Gas estimates it is the lower amount of about 10,000 cubic metres per day. We apologize for the error. Trina Roache APTN National NewsFor the first time, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans is looking at an emergency order to protect an aquatic species at risk.A Mi’kmaq band in Nova Scotia filed the petition for that order.It’s the latest effort in a long battle to stop a project to store natural gas.last_img read more

Egypt police tear-gas pro-Morsi students

first_imgCAIRO- Egyptian police Wednesday fired tear gas at student supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi as they protested near the defence ministry against the new military-installed authorities, state media reported.The protests by students from Cairo University came as a Muslim Brotherhood-led Islamist alliance backing Morsi called for nationwide strike action.The Brotherhood, to which Morsi belongs, was designated a “terrorist” group last week by the authorities, which accused it of a bombing north of the capital that killed 15 people. The Islamist movement denied the accusation.Egypt’s state-run Al-Ahram newspaper’s website reported that police used tear gas to disperse the protesting students and arrested some of them.Police also fired tear gas at a pro-Morsi student protest in the Nile Delta city of Zagazig, the deposed leader’s home town, security officials said.Pro-Morsi students have staged defiant demonstrations at universities across Egypt, and earlier Wednesday the pro-Morsi Anti-Coup Alliance called for more protests.“As the students’ strikes succeed in shaking the corners of the coup regime, the coalition of parties, movements and groups defending democracy in Egypt calls for a gradual, decisive nationwide strike,” it said.Police, meanwhile, seized an underground press in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria for allegedly printing leaflets against the security forces, security officials said. Two people were arrested.The Brotherhood’s designation as a “terrorist” group carries harsh penalties.It could mean death sentences for convicted Brotherhood leaders and five years’ imprisonment for participants in protests.Promoting the group either in writing or verbally can also lead to prison sentences.last_img read more

Police Arrest Five Assailants of Moroccan Student Killed in Senegal

Rabat – The Senegalese police announced on Tuesday the arrest of five people out of six suspected of killing Moroccan medical student Mazine Chakiri on the night of last Saturday in Dakar, according to Agence de Presse Sénégalaise (APS). “We arrested five people who admitted to having attacked Mazine Chakiri, a student at Dakar’s Anta Diop University,” stated Warrant Officer Henry Boumy Ciss, the Head of the Public Relations Bureau of the National, at a press briefing. Ciss noted that the sixth assailant in the gang fled while the Research Police and Intervention Group were arresting his accomplices at throughout Monday and Tuesday in Zone A in Dakar. The gang had carried out a string of crimes in Dakar, according to Ciss, who pointed that “mastermind” of this gang already had a criminal record. He added that one of the assailants had escaped from Dakar’s Rebeuss prison at the end of 2015.On Monday, the police announced that an investigation had been opened to determine the circumstances of this tragic crime.Just four meters from his home, Chakri and his girlfriend were approached by six men on three motorcycles.The assailants took Chakri’s cellphone and money and his girlfriend’s necklace and purse. His girlfriend, who was not injured, was questioned by police about the attack.The deceased stabbed “in the thigh and was transferred to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.”Chakiri was a fourth-year med student at the Cheikh Anta Diop University, and was soon expected to defend his PhD. read more

Memorial service for John Zivcic

(Update)Thousands of men and women in uniform lined the streets of Etobicoke Monday to pay respect to 34-year-old Toronto Police Constable John Zivcic, who died after his unmarked cruiser crashed on Bloor Street West on November 30th.There was seating for 7,000 and there was very few empty seats in the cavernous Northern Hall of the Toronto Congress Centre.As the casket moved from the funeral home to the Congress Centre, it gathered thousands of respectful followers. Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair says this is difficult for police officers, but it also makes them proud: “We gather. We march. It’s a solemn occasion to show our respect, and to mourn the loss of an officer, but we march in solidarity, because everyone in that march has made the same choice to serve. And we know the risks inherent to our work. And our families know the fear.”Officials like Lt. Governor David Onley and Premier Kathleen Wynne gave tributes, as did the Chief: “He was outgoing, charming, keen and capable. He was very popular among colleagues, and recognized among superiors for excellent work ethic and for remarkable potential.”Supt. Frank Bergen of Toronto Police: “He would then go onto YouTube and play Croation folk music to get psyched up to do his reports. He’d sing along and pretend to play the air accordion.”Zivcic was awarded a commendation after rescuing a woman he saw in a moped crash while on vacation in Cuba. He took her to hospital and paid her bill.Bergen said: “Among this pattern of shirtlessness and action hero mystique, John apparently had a cat, named Princess.”John’s brother Tom: “I won’t have the opportunity to reciprocate and speak at his wedding, so I guess this is my best man speech to him.”Tom Zivcic remembered his talented brother constantly coming to someone’s rescue, like a food court janitor who was being tormented by teenagers: “John flew out of his seat and threw tables and chairs out of his way to get to that poor Filipina lady. The kids were frozen in fear watching him come at them. He picked the Filipina up off the floor and made the young punks clean up the mess at her feet.”This was a service with full police honours. Next, Cst, Zivcic goes back to his home in Niagara. There are visitation services Tuesday and Wednesday in Thorold and a private family funeral on Thursday in Welland.Bergen said: “Officially report John 10-7 for shift 59.”Investigators are still doing forensic analyses of the crash and say they will release information when the investigation is complete. Questions about whether police officers should be required to wear seatbelts are being raised. The Chief says he wants his people to be safe and says there may be lessons to be learned from this tragedy. But Monday was about remembering the hero in life. read more

Hamilton police arrest alleged drug dealer on bike

A Hamilton man and a Grimsby woman are facing drug-related charges after two separate incidents on Monday.Shortly before 5 p.m., officers saw a cyclist riding on the sidewalk near the intersection of Barton St. East and Gage Ave. North.The rider, who was smoking a marijuana cigarette, was pulled over by police after he went through a red light.Officers say the man was found to be in possession of 16.5 grams of crack cocaine and an undisclosed amount of cash.Jeffrey McDermott, 46, was arrested and charged with possession of controlled substance, possession for the purpose of trafficking, fail to comply recognizance, possession of proceeds of crime under $5,000.In a separate incident on Monday, a 48-year-old woman was arrested and charged with several drug-related offences after police were called to investigate a parked car on Barton St. East.Police found a woman sitting in the vehicle with her legs up on the dashboard and “evidence to support the possession of methamphetamine” in plain view.Officers seized cocaine, methamphetamine, hydromorphone, and oxycodone from the vehicle.Marie Marcoux of Grimsby is facing four counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking and one of possession of proceeds of crime. read more

No 3 Notre Dame rolls to 120 season beats rival USC 2417

LOS ANGELES — Ian Book passed for 352 yards, Dexter Williams went 52 yards on a go-ahead touchdown run and No. 3 Notre Dame completed an unbeaten regular season and likely secured a spot in the College Football Playoff with a 24-17 over longtime rival Southern California on Saturday night.Chris Finke caught an early TD pass for the Fighting Irish (12-0, No. 3 CFP), who showed playoff-level tenacity in rallying from an early 10-point deficit, their largest of the season. Tony Jones Jr. then took a short pass 51 yards for a touchdown with 3:09 to play to finish off Notre Dame’s 10th perfect regular season since 1945, the first since 2012.Notre Dame is all but certain to be chosen for the four-team playoff, and this win could keep the Irish away from powerhouse Alabama in the first post-season game.Williams rushed for 97 yards as the Irish overcame a slow start in the 90th edition in this famed intersectional rivalry. Notre Dame didn’t score until Finke’s TD catch shortly before halftime, but the Irish ran off 24 consecutive points and shut out USC in the second half until Tyler Vaughns’ TD catch with 48 seconds to play.J.T. Daniels passed for 349 yards for the Trojans (5-7), who will stay home for the bowl season after their first losing season since 2000. Vaughns caught 12 passes for 120 yards in what might have been the final game for coach Clay Helton, who is under pressure after the Trojans lost five of their final six games in a dismaying collapse.After USC won eight straight over Notre Dame in the 2000s, the Irish have claimed the Jeweled Shillelagh in six of the last nine meetings in this classic college football matchup. Notre Dame is the first road team to win in the series since 2012, when the Irish also completed an unbeaten regular season with a victory at the Coliseum.Only four USC teams have finished with losing records since 1961, but this clearly talented group gave a tough game to the powerhouse Irish, who faced their first double-digit deficit of the year when USC went up 10-0 in the second quarter. The Trojans’ 289 yards in the first half were 64 more than the Irish had allowed before halftime all season.Notre Dame had only trailed twice at any point beforehand in their perfect season, but Williams bounced his 52-yard go-ahead run down the USC sideline shortly after halftime.Justin Yoon set a Notre Dame record with his 58th career field goal late in the third, putting the Irish up 17-10.Although Jones’ late rumble to the end zone clinched the expected result for Notre Dame, the Trojans were competitive with an elite opponent despite the roiling subplot of their coach’s future.Helton won the Pac-12 last season and the Rose Bowl just two years ago, but a large portion of the Trojans’ fan base is publicly agitating for the dismissal of the coach, who got a contract extension through 2023 just nine months ago.When Helton’s face appeared in a recorded announcement on the scoreboard in the first half, he was booed by a portion of the Coliseum crowd of 59,821 — the smallest for the Notre Dame-USC game in Los Angeles since 1960.But USC got a 14-yard TD run on its opening drive by Vavae Malepeai, who missed the second half with an injury. When Michael Brown hit a field goal early in the second quarter, Notre Dame faced its first double-digit deficit of the year.The Irish offence finally scored 2:20 before halftime, capping a difficult 64-yard drive with Book’s 24-yard throw to Finke, who hadn’t caught a TD pass since the season opener against Michigan.USC’s 10-7 halftime lead could have been much larger, but receivers Michael Pittman Jr. and Amon-Ra St. Brown both fumbled after catches in Notre Dame territory.THE TAKEAWAYNotre Dame: The Irish showed resilience throughout their cross-country odyssey of a season, and narrowly beating an inspired USC squad is nothing about which to be ashamed. They’ll be glad to have the test as they head toward a two-game shot at their first national championship since 1988.USC: The Trojans showed up well for Helton despite the bleak circumstances, but were undone again by turnovers, penalties and poor play after halftime. USC athletic director Lynn Swann is expected to announce Helton’s future soon.UP NEXTNotre Dame expects to get an invitation to the four-team playoff, hopefully to face Clemson in the Orange Bowl.USC’s worst season in 18 years is over.___More AP college football: https://apnews.com/tag/Collegefootball and https://twitter.com/AP_Top25Greg Beacham, The Associated Press read more

Micromine implements Pitram at Gold Fields Damang openpit operation

first_imgMicromine has successfully implemented Pitram Optimum at Gold Fields’ Damang gold mine in Ghana. Pitram, a mine control and management reporting solution, should help the operation increase production, reduce costs, and improve safety and business intelligence capabilities, Micromine says. Located in southwest Ghana, Damang is an open pit gold mine. Gold Fields processes 5.1 Mt/y of gold ore from a blend of some 37% oxide and 63% sulphide ore. The current planned depth of the Damang pit is 300 m. It is estimated that the current mineral reserve will be depleted by 2019, although exploration indicates that the life of mine could be extended.Gold Fields’ FMS and Projects Supervisor, Barrett Blaauw, comments that “Pitram was selected because of its ability to integrate the production planning and optimisation process into the real-time environment. The software went ‘live’ in February 2012. Micromine has provided us with good after-sales services and technical support. “The biggest hurdle for us has been convincing operators in the field to utilise the new software to their advantage. Fortunately, an increasing number of miners in Africa are experiencing the benefits that automation solutions such as Pitram provide”.Blaauw concludes that he is optimistic about the African mining sector’s future and that “Both of our Ghanaian mines have ambitious expansion plans which could extend their lives. A strong fleet is essential to our current and future operations. Damang currently has 22 automated vehicles, and using Pitram Optimum, we plan to automate a further 12 vehicles within the next few months”.Pitram Optimum is one of four solutions that comprise the Pitram product suite. The Pitram suite provides a unique upgrade path from the entry level Pitram Report solution, through to the fully automated Pitram Optimum Solution.Micromine South Africa General Manager, Marc Ramsey, comments, “Because Pitram Optimum integrates production planning and optimisation, Damang will see a significant improvement in the execution of mine plans and the maximisation of asset utilisation and efficiency. Damang management will be able to compare actual findings against plans, and have the ability to correct deviations from plans.“Also, through intuitive equipment allocation, Damang can optimise production, reduce wait time and execute shift plans according to design or blending requirements. This will allow business targets to be achieved at the lowest possible cost,” Ramsey concludes.last_img read more

TOMRA conducts XRT sorting on Ucore bulk REO ore sample

first_imgUcore Rare Metals has completed further bulk scale ore beneficiation testing on material from the Bokan – Dotson Ridge rare earth deposit on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska, USA. A 20 t sample, collected from three locations within the Dotson Ridge deposit, was sent to TOMRA of Wedel, Germany and processed by a large scale x-ray transmission (XRT) ore sorter. Results show that 52% of the feed was rejected as waste, with 96.3% recovery of rare earth oxides (REO), and a net increase in grade from a 0.77 wt % REO feed to a 1.56 wt % output.The group said current testing “improves upon the results of previous ore sorting analysis on bulk samples of lesser size.” In an announcement dated March 6, 2012, Ucore released the results of XRT sorting on three 1 t samples collected from trenches situated at separate locations within Dotson Ridge deposit. The 2012 work, also carried out by TOMRA, resulted in 46% rejection of waste and 93% recovery of REO, so the more representative 2013 work shows a significantly improved output grade and REO recovery.Ucore states: “These tests confirm the effectiveness of XRT at successively larger ore throughput volumes. The results also support Ucore’s plan to construct a significantly smaller mill facility than would otherwise be required in the absence of an XRT sorting circuit at Bokan. The reduction in mill size will have a significant effect on the lowering of capital and operating costs associated with the mill facility, as set out in the Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) released on January 15, 2013. At present, a 30 t bulk sample collected from Dotson Ridge in December 2012 is being prepared for XRT sorting. The output of that sorting process, scheduled to take place within the next four weeks, will generate the final feed stock required by Ucore to conduct a comprehensive pilot plant for the Bokan – Dotson Ridge project.”The pilot plant, scheduled for Q4 2013, is the final stage of bulk scale testing of the production circuit prior to the release of a Bankable Feasibility Study and the prospective commencement of mine construction. “The confirmation of XRT effectiveness at large scale is an important milestone in Ucore’s march to mine construction”, said Jim McKenzie, President & CEO of Ucore. “The company is the first in the rare earth industry to demonstrate XRT as a beneficiation technique; a technology already well-established in the tungsten and diamond mining sector. XRT shows the clear potential to dramatically reduce the volume of material feeding the mill facility and an equally dramatic increase in TREO ore grade without a great deal of processing. The current results justify the plan set out in Ucore’s recently released PEA. The addition of an XRT circuit prospectively reduces capital and operating costs, with a smaller processing footprint than is the norm for REE facilities, and with no tailings facility at surface upon mine closure. A zero tailings footprint is a unique environmental objective, and we are aware of no other mine, rare earth or otherwise, that has accomplished such a design feature.”last_img read more

Capitol Hill police investigating suspicious packages letter sent to Obama

first_imgUS CAPITOL POLICE are investigating the discovery of at least two suspicious packages in Senate office buildings and “the individual who delivered them is being questioned,” Sergeant at Arms Terence Gainer said today.Gainer said in an email the packages were delivered to at least two Senate offices. Yesterday the Secret Service intercepted a letter addressed to President Barack Obama that contained a “suspicious substance”.A law enforcement official said the letter is very similar to one recently mailed to Mississippi Republican Senator Roger Wicker. The Senator’s letter tested positive for the poisonous substance ricin and preliminary tests on Obama’s letter indicate it may also be present on that.The letters were received at separate facilities that sort mail addressed to the White House and Capitol Hill. The mail facilities are not located on the main White House and Capitol Hill complexes. It was not clear whether there was a connection between the letters and the packages.Other officials said one of the packages had been discovered in the Russell Building, and the second in the Hart office building. CNN reported that the first floor of the Hart building was evacuated shortly after noon and a man in the area was being questioned by police.Word of the suspicious packages comes amid already heightened tensions in Washington and across the country since the deadly bombings on Monday at the Boston Marathon that killed three people and injured more than 170. Law enforcement officials haven’t said whether they believe the letters are related in any way to the Boston bombings.- Additional reporting by Michelle Hennessy.Read: Family Guy pulls episode featuring deaths at Boston Marathon>Read: Names of Boston bombing victims emerge as Obama plans sombre visit>last_img read more

European security meetings on Corfu go well

first_imgThe informal meeting of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe currently chaired by Greece took place on Corfu Sunday following the successful NATO – Russia meeting on Saturday.The OSCE meeting gave European foreign ministers the opportunity to discuss issues of European security, nearly a year after Russia’s war with Georgia raised concerns about stability on the continent’s eastern front.The ministers’ informal meeting on the western Greek island is the first such gathering in 34-year history of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, a grouping of 56 countries encompassing regions from North America to Europe, Central Asia and Russia.The meeting between NATO General Secretary Jaap de Hoop Scheffer and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov saw NATO and Russia resume formal cooperation on broad security threats but failed to bridge major differences over Georgia. The weekend meetings in Corfu also gave the Greek Prime Minister and the Greek Foreign Minister opportunities to meet with their European counterparts.The Greek Prime Minister, Costas Karamanlis, and Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, met for 35 minutes in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere which saw Berlusconi extend an invitation for Karamanlis to visit Rome.Illegal immigration was the main topic following the decisions taken the previous weeks at the European Union Summit. The Summit had agreed that: The EU should seek to forge new repatriation pacts with migrants’ countries of origin and with “transit countries” such as Turkey and Libya.The activities of the EU’s border monitoring agency Frontex be boosted to curb illegal immigration in the southeastern Mediterranean region.The Greek Prime Minister had said that the decisions taken at the summit were heading in the right direction but agreed with Berlusconi’s insistence that the introduction of the measures should be sped up.The difficulties in implementing repatriation agreements were discussed as well as the proposal for the establishment of a European coast guard. The Turkey – Greece – Italy and South Stream energy agreements were also raised for discussion. The Greek Foreign Minister, Dora Bakoyiannis, met with her Turkish counterpart, Ahmet Davutoglu, with whom she raised the recent breaches of Greek borders and airspace over the Aegean.“I hope that my discussions with Mr Davutoglu will lead, in the first instance, to a change in the current atmosphere,” the Greek Foreign Minister said.The Greek Foreign Minister met with US Deputy Secretary of State, James Steinberg, who deputised for Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, who was unable to attend because of an injury to her elbow.They signed a number of bilateral agreements such as easing the visa requirements for travel from Greece to the United States and on co-operation in dealing organised crime. At the time we went to press it had not been confirmed whether the Greek Foreign Minister had meet with her FYROM counterpart, Antonio Milososki. Bakoyiannis had indicated prior to the conference that she would try and catch up with her counterpart from FYROM.Upon arriving in Corfu Milososki expressed his hope to meet with the Greek Foreign Minister.“I hope that we will be able to meet with our Greek counter parts to continue the dialogue and to send a message of friendship to the Greek nation.”The Greek Foreign Minister met with her British counterpart, David Milliband, her Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov,  as well as her German counterpart, Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Rain gardens center medians to help with drainage in Oakbrook

first_img • What: Fifteen rain gardens and center medians• Where: Both sides of 98th Avenue between Burton Road and Northeast 34th Street.• Next neighborhood meeting: 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oakbrook Apartments Community Room, 10415 N.E. Oakbrook Circle.• Learn more at cityofvancouver.us/publicworks/page/current-stormwater-projectsWhen it rains, it pours. That can be an understatement in Vancouver, where more than 41 inches of rain fall annually.In the Oakbrook neighborhood, as rainwater flows down Northeast 98th Avenue, it collects oil, pesticides, herbicides and other pollutants that enter storm drains, pouring into Peterson Channel and eventually into Burnt Bridge Creek.Ray Keim’s yard gently slopes to the banks of Peterson Channel, where not many years ago, fishermen caught trout. About a century ago, Keim said, salmon swam there. He hasn’t seen anyone land a fish from the stream in recent years. The former chair of the Oakbrook Neighborhood Association has for years championed the cause of improving stormwater runoff into the channel.“I have been ranting about this idea of dumping street drainage into pristine Peterson Creek, which flows into Burnt Bridge Creek,” Keim said. “These are all microcosms of bigger problems, contributors as to why our environment is in bad shape. Even though it doesn’t seem like much, they all add up.”The current drainage system is storm drains on 98th Avenue. The grate filters only large debris, not silt or pollutants. One drain is just steps from Keim’s front yard and Peterson Channel.Thanks to a $600,000 Low Impact Development Grant from the Washington Department of Ecology, future stormwater flowing into Peterson Channel will be clearer.Keim said he’s looking forward to having a front-row seat to the construction of 15 rain gardens and center-lane medians along about a half-mile stretch of 98th Avenue, from Burton Road north to Northeast 34th Street. The city received the grant and is managing the project. Click to enlargelast_img read more

Attempted murder charges dropped against man accused of bar shooting

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – Prosecutors dropped three attempted murder charges, Tuesday, against a man accused of shooting at three people outside a South Florida bar in 2014.Officials said Leon Hillman was caught on camera approaching a group of people outside Grumpy’s Bar and Grill, in South Miami-Dade, in June of 2014, but the prosecutors’ case has fallen apart.Hillman’s attorney, Alex Michaels, said the prosecutors had no witnesses.“There were no witnesses, except this nutcase they call alleged victim who changes his story 20 times,” Michaels said. “The description doesn’t match. He wants money.”Hillman was set to stand trial Tuesday and would have faced 75 years in prison if convicted.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Batonwielding man in custody after Miami rooftop standoff

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – A man who had barricaded himself on the roof of a building in Miami was taken into custody, ending an hourslong standoff with police.7News cameras captured City of Miami Police officers as they responded to the scene near Southwest 27th Avenue and 25th Street, Saturday afternoon.The subject could be seen shouting at negotiators as he stood on the rooftop of the one-story structure and wielded a silver metal baton.Officials said the man’s son was also on the ground and attempted to talk to his father. SWAT units also responded to the scene.Despite the heavy police presence, officers kept their distance from the man.Authorities at one point believed he may have also been armed with a knife, but that was not the case.Just after 7 p.m., police confirmed the man came down. He was in need of medical attention and was taken away on a stretcher to a local hospital. Officials said no one was taken hostage and the man never posed a threat to public safety.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Truck fire temporarily delays traffic on I95 near Oakland Park Blvd

first_imgAll northbound lanes were originally shut down but have since been reopened.Drivers were temporarily advised to seek alternate routes due to the heavy delays that stretched back all the way to Davie Boulevard.The cause of the fire remains unknown.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. OAKLAND PARK, FLA. (WSVN) – Traffic is back to normal on Interstate 95 between Oakland Park Boulevard and Commercial Boulevard after a truck fire caused heavy delays.Oakland Park Fire Rescue responded to the scene of the fire just after 10 a.m., Tuesday.The car hauler’s flames were quickly put out but traffic delays continued as crews work to clean up the road.7SkyForce HD flew over the scene where the charred truck could be seen in the middle of the roadway.Firefighters were seen spraying foam all over the truck to handle the oil and fuel that was leaking.Crews with the Florida Department of Transportation Severe Incident Response unit also joined in the cleanup efforts.No injuries have been reported. last_img read more

Porsche rolls out its own car insurance in Illinois and Oregon

first_img Post a comment Car Industry Car Culture 5 things you need to know about the 2018 Porsche 911… 2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S is a superhero 54 Photos 2020 Volvo XC90 first drive: An improvement worth subscribing to More From Roadshow Porsche Preview • 2018 Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS: Best of the best? Enlarge ImageIt’s fair to say that most insurers don’t really understand the enthusiast side of things, so this is a smart move on Porsche’s part. Andrew Krok/Roadshow Barring exceptions for antique vehicles and contraptions of that ilk (think Hagerty), car insurance is, for the most part, kind of a one-size-fits-all sort of industry. Creating insurance products tailored to specific brands hasn’t really been explored all that much, which is why Porsche has decided to take that route and offer its owners something unique and, above all, helpful.Porsche on Thursday announced that it is launching a mileage-based car insurance program. In its news release, Porsche said this insurance, offered in partnership with Mile Auto, “meets the unique needs of Porsche drivers by limiting costs to actual miles driven, plus a low base rate.” After all, not every Porsche owner is driving the industry average of 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year.Porsche’s car insurance will track the mileage of each vehicle in a ridiculously simple way: Just take a photo of the odometer and send it to Porsche. There’s no app or tracking device necessary, which Porsche says will be a benefit to an owner’s privacy. There are other benefits, too. Having Porsche’s own insurance means that repairs stemming from claims will always use genuine parts, because Porsche isn’t out to devalue its own cars. There’s also a dedicated claims concierge for when things go wrong. The automaker also offers agreed value coverage, which means Porsche will pay out an agreed-upon value for the car in the event of a total loss. That last bit is especially important for owners of older or collector cars.Porsche Auto Insurance will be offered to owners of 1981 models or newer, so long as the vehicles are housed in Illinois and Oregon. As time goes on, Porsche will expand its offering to include additional states, but it did not offer up a timeline for doing so. 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything bettercenter_img 0 Porsche Share your voice 2:13 More about 2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S 2019 Hyundai Elantra review: Staying relevant in a changing segment Tags Review • 2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S: One punch Now playing: Watch this:last_img read more