Algerian Security Services Continue to Arrest Protesters During Peaceful Demonstrations

Rabat – Algerian security services have made multiple arrests of anti-government protesters, who have been rallying against the Algerian regime since February 22.Despite the resignation of former Algerian president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, and other elites from his era, protesters are determined to continue their protests. The demonstrators are demanding  a major shift into democracy despite warnings from the military.On June 18, Algeria’s military chief of staff General Gaid Salah issued a warning to the protesters, calling on them to respect the army. General Salah said that protesters “hold grudges and animosity towards the army and its command,” describing them as enemies.Throughout the weeks of protests, demonstrators have carried  banners to speak their minds about the transition period and the crisis their country is facing amid the continued unrest.The  slogans include protests against the army, including demands for the resignation of Salah.Salah has been urging the protesters to respect the date scheduled for the election,  July 4, following a transition period.The Constitutional Council in Algeria, however, canceled the election, emphasizing that the conditions are not suitable to hold an election amid unrest.Protesters have been calling for a free and fair elections, emphasizing that they will not stop protesting until the entire Bouteflika cohort leaves political power to a new generation of politicians.Security services in Algeria have initiated crackdowns on protesters, including a high number of arrests throughout the weeks of protests.The arrest of protesters angered opposition political parties.Algerian political party Socialist Forces Front (FFS)  condemned the “systematic repression and violence used” on the protesters during a peaceful march.The party demanded all individuals detained be released immediately. read more