Disabled campaigners have given mixed reviews to a

first_imgDisabled campaigners have given mixed reviews to a new version of the government’s Disability Confident employment scheme, with one saying he was “genuinely shocked” by how weak it was.Disability Confident – which has urged employers to “see the ability, not the disability” – has attracted criticism since its launch three years ago for focusing on “communications”, but ignoring institutional discrimination in the workplace.It is seen as a “key” element in achieving the government’s pledge to halve the gap between the employment rates of disabled and non-disabled people, but attracted just 40 mainstream private sector partners in three years after its launch by the prime minister in 2013.The stated aim of Disability Confident was to “debunk the myths around employing disabled people and encourage employers to take advantage of the wealth of talent available”.But successive Tory ministers for disabled people – Esther McVey, Mike Penning, Mark Harper and Justin Tomlinson (pictured) – failed to persuade more than a tiny minority of businesses to take the scheme seriously.Disabled activists with a focus on employment issues even argued that Disability Confident was actually encouraging employers to ignore the access needs of potential disabled employees.Now the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has quietly published a new version of Disability Confident, although it has yet to relaunch it publicly because it first wants to ensure that the “systems work as planned”.Employers will be able to apply for one of three levels: Disability Confident Committed, Disability Confident Employer and Disability Confident Leader.But employers can reach the first two levels by just assessing themselves on their recruitment of disabled people and how they support existing disabled employees, after which DWP will send them a badge and a certificate.It is only if they want to become a Disability Confident Leader that this self-assessment has to be “validated” by another organisation.Large businesses will have to pay for recognised accreditation, while a small or medium-sized business can use more “informal methods”, such as involving an existing Disability Confident leader organisation or asking a disabled people’s organisation to “validate” their self-assessment.But there are already concerns that the new scheme is too close to DWP’s much-criticised Two Ticks, which allowed employers to describe themselves as “positive about disabled people” while getting away with discriminating against disabled staff and potential employees.Two Ticks employers had to sign up to five commitments around employing disabled workers, but researchers concluded in 2014 that it was “little more than an ‘empty shell’, where employers display the two ticks for impression management purposes to take advantage of its potential reputational benefits rather than because of a genuine concern for disability issues”.Disabled activist David Gillon, who has been a vocal critic of Disability Confident since its launch, said he was “genuinely shocked at how bad” the new version was.He said: “Two Ticks became a laughable example of all that was wrong with business attitudes to disability.“Businesses would sign up, put its logo on their paperwork to show what good citizens they were, and carry on mistreating disabled employees in the same way they always did.“Disabled people were promised the replacement would be better than that. Instead we see a multi-tiered system, where tier one lets companies used the Disability Confident logo, while signing up to do far less than Two Ticks, and with no checks whatsoever on their implementation.“This is worse than Two Ticks, which most disabled people wouldn’t have believed possible.“Tier two is marginally better, and roughly equivalent to Two Ticks, but still consists primarily of companies agreeing to do what they are already legally required to do under the Equality Act 2010.“It is unlikely disabled people will see companies agreeing not to break the law as a major step forward in disability rights, especially when it is still solely self-assessed.“Tier three simply adds external assessment to tier two, but that assessment could come from another tier three company, rather than an external expert.“This creates a system in which even Disability Confident Leaders may be getting the accreditation through the ‘old school tie’ network, rather than ever being examined by anyone with a real understanding of disability discrimination.”Gillon also said there was no mention of discrimination, even though “workplace disability discrimination lies at the core of the issues Disability Confident is supposed to be addressing”.He said: “I wasn’t expecting much from Disability Confident, but I’m genuinely shocked at how bad this is.“It’s worse than Two Ticks, and Two Ticks was a laughing stock amongst disabled people.”Mike Adams, chief executive of Purple (formerly ecdp) – and a member of the taskforce set up by the former minister for disabled people, Justin Tomlinson, to look at how to improve Disability Confident – was more positive.He said he would have liked to have seen the new version of the scheme “much stronger and more ambitious”.But he said he accepted that “if you set the bar too high” it might put off some businesses from engaging with the scheme.He said: “I see it as an opportunity, a tool to engage with companies who hitherto have not engaged with disability before. Would I have liked to see it stronger? Yes, of course.”But he said this “probably” would have acted as a disincentive for businesses to get involved in the scheme, and he added: “Have they struck the right balance? We will see.”He said he hoped that some larger employers, like Essex County Council, might start pushing members of their own supply chains to become Disability Confident – which is mentioned in levels two and three of the new scheme – which would then see it “starting to be much more powerful than Two Ticks”.Adams said that offering businesses the “validation” of being a Disability Confident Leader would offer organisations like Purple – by charging to carry out an assessment – a way of “engaging those companies in conversations around disability”.But he also said the new Disability Confident was “a missed opportunity”, because it had failed to address how businesses could also make themselves more open to disabled people as consumers and not just as employees.Liz Sayce, chief executive of Disability Rights UK, said: “We think that the new version of the Disability Confident scheme is an improvement on the earlier campaign that was based only on communications; and we hope it will stimulate employers to open up many more employment opportunities for disabled people.“We also think it will need further development. As it stands, it could be possible for an employer to get to level three without actually employing disabled people.“We understand that a small employer might not happen to have any vacancies in a given period – and agree that they should be recognised for (for instance) improving their internal processes – but we would advocate measuring employers on the proportion of any recruitment or promotions that go to disabled people.“This would mean larger employers would genuinely be judged on their record in employing disabled people at all levels.“We will be working with employers, offering disability confidence training and advice – and at the same time urging DWP to further develop the programme.”Sayce said that as 60 per cent of DR UK’s staff live with an impairment or health condition, and “we learn from our own experience and draw on that learning in our work to support employers to improve their employment practices”, it already “goes beyond the steps in the Disability Confidence scheme”.She said: “We support many employers to improve their practices and offer challenge and assurance.“We are seeking discussion with our members and other DPOs on use of the scheme itself by disabled people’s organisations.”last_img read more

Former Food Truck Now BrickandMortar on 24th

first_img Tags: Calle 24 • restaurants • street food Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% Baghat initially ran his truck as a “one man show,” with regular appearances at Off-The Grid and other mobile food truck markets around the city.  “You’re the chef, the owner, the dishwasher, the purchaser, the guy who mops the floor – all at once,” said Bhagat. With time came finesse, and Baghat quickly gained recognition among street food enthusiasts for his chicken biryani – a generously seasoned, casserole-like rice dish layered with meat that is slow-cooked in a process called “Dum,” the namesake of his food truck and his new restaurant.Inside Dum Indian Soul Food at 3111 24th St. Photo by Laura WaxmannThat recipe, and several others carried over to the brick and mortar space on 24th street. He calls the 49-seat restaurant that spans roughly 1,200 square-feet an extension of his food truck. The latter is currently navigating new territory in the East and South Bay.Baghat said his prices are reasonable in comparison to other restaurants in the neighborhood, set at just “a dollar or two up” from his food truck menu prices to balance the additional costs of a liquor license, labor, and rent. The Indian food-truck-turned-restaurant isn’t an exclusive novelty in the Mission. Curry Up Now, at 659 Valencia St., offers Indian street food at four brick and mortar locations and five food trucks throughout San Francisco and the South Bay. Still, Baghat said he’s not worried about competition. “Curry Up Now has really set the standard – they showed us that it could be done,” he said. “But their concept is much different than ours.”Part of what makes Bhagat’s Indian food unique is that he does not place much emphasis on tradition or authenticity.  For example, Dum’s customer’s won’t find naan, a type of oven-baked flatbread that usually accompanies curries and other Indian dishes, on the menu.“[Making] Naan is a specialized skill,” explained Baghat. “I didn’t want to put something on the menu that I can’t do well myself.”Baghat said the local community has been welcoming. He hopes to avoid some of the troubles that plagued the predecessor of his restaurant space.For some six years, the Local Mission Eatery, a “farm-to-table” restaurant that was part of the small empire of Mission-based restaurateur Yaron Milgrom, closed in December 2015, when Milgrom cited a lack of customers and a dwindling workforce as reasons why the business could not compete.“We are here to be a part of neighborhood where we do business,” said Bhagat. “We are a family-run restaurant, for the community. That is our dream – why would we do anything that would jeopardize that?”Some customers dining at Dum on Wednesday evening embraced the Indian eatery as a change in palate for the traditionally Latino neighborhood.“The next Indian restaurants around here are Dosa [on Valencia Street] and Pakwan [on 16th street], and they have totally different styles,” said Ryan McGinn, a consultant who lives down the street from Dum and has already eaten there “five or six” times since it opened.“Its good food, it’s a different compared to the other restaurants on this street, and the biryani is the best,” said McGinn. “It’s a little gem that is close to home.”Baghat said that so far, some 90 percent of his clientele live within a “four block radius” from Dum. “We have a family that lives right above Philz and was here four times last week,” said Baghat.  “We have young executives who live here and dine in, but we are also a family restaurant.” 0%center_img After bringing Indian soul food to the Bay Area on wheels, the chef behind the popular food truck “Dum” has taken his menu off the road and into the 24th Street space that once housed the Local Mission Eatery. Sitting inside of his first brick and mortar location at 3111 24th St.,  which he quietly opened to the public on June 7, Rupam Baghat, a former Ritz Carlton sous chef, acknowledged that before investing $50,000 in a food truck in 2014, he had specialized in fine dining and banquets.He wanted, he said,  “to do something different” and so he spent the better part of the last two years perfecting his take on Indian soul food behind the counter of the teal and orange painted food truck. “I never cooked full-fledged, day in and day out, with indian flavors and spices until I got that truck,” he said. last_img read more

The 2018 Supporter ball size 4 supplied by Rhino R

first_imgThe 2018 Supporter ball size 4 supplied by Rhino Rugby, the Official Ball of Super League.Available in a selection of sizes, with size 4 pictured here.Also available in Size 5, Size 3 and Midi size.View herePlease note ball will be shipped deflatedlast_img

Would you know where to go List of area evacuation routes

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – North Carolina is now under a state of emergency. States like Georgia and Florida have announced evacuation orders.If that is needed here, we asked emergency officials what evacuation routes would be.- Advertisement – The New Hanover County Emergency Services is on a limited activation, no evacuation orders are in place. If that happened officials say the normal major highways out of the county would be the routes they suggest to neighbors. The NCDOT has a map that shows the state and federal highways that will be used for evacuations.They add that the department would alert the public if any routes change because of flooding or other obstacles.“The main conduits in and out of the county are what we would advise people to use based on where their destination is. Our evacuation decision will be placed during a time that would be arrival, well in arrival of any tropical storm force winds or any potential rains that will have accumulations that’s going to affect those areas,” Steve Still, New Hanover Co. emergency management services, said.Related Article: States turn to drones to predict avalanches, spot wildlifeThe department will alert the public days in advance if any type of evacuation will be issued. They remain in a limited activation mode with no shelter activation or evacuation orders issued.last_img read more

Arts take center stage at 23rd annual Orange Street ArtsFest

first_imgArt creations available for sale at the Orange Street ArtsFest (Photo: Justin McKee/WWAY) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The arts took center stage in downtown Wilmington this weekend as thousands of people took in the sights and sounds of the 23rd annual Orange Street ArtsFest.80 vendors were on hand to sell their creations. There were food trucks for those who wanted a bite to eat.- Advertisement – New Hanover County high school students had their pieces of art showcased at the Hannah Block Community Arts Center.Thalian Association executive director Susan Habas says this event shows off what Wilmington is all about.“The overwhelming comment is that it’s so quaint,” Habas said. “It’s like a throwback to 1995 when it started. It’s fun to be on the historic streets, in and out of the community arts center, the historic USO building. It’s just a great time with great art.”Related Article: Wilmington Ballet to perform ‘Vampires’This event is one of the Thalian Association’s biggest fundraisers each year. The money supports productions at Thalian Hall and the youth theatre program.last_img read more

Menorah lighting marks start of Hanukkah

first_img Rabbi Moshe Lieblich says this year was a little different. The Menorah was made out of Legos and built by the community.Lieblich says the event brings everyone together and spreads acceptance throughout the community.“Hanukkah is uniquely special because the message of light overcoming darkness is one that’s really universal, not just to us. That’s why we make a big event out of it,” said Rabbi Moshe Lieblich.Related Article: Trump grants poultry pardons to turkeys Peas and CarrotsLieblich says the event grow more and more every year. The Hanukkah celebration will last until December 10. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Jewish community gathered Sunday night for the annual Menorah lighting in downtown Wilmington.Tonight marks the first night of Hanukkah. Families and friends gathered at the Riverfront.- Advertisement – last_img read more

PD proposes replacing GDP with Wellbeing Index

first_img SharePrint “People have become slaves of the GDP,” PD MP Godfrey Farrugia said. “We want to break the link where development is measured solely in terms of economic output and instead focus on a broader index that takes into account investment in education, health, environment and climate protection,” he added.“New Zealand has managed to reform its policy to focus on human well-being instead of GDP. We want to follow suit,” explained Timothy Alden, adding that, “the World Bank has been pushing for a reform in the way we measure success.”“This is the kind of Malta we believe in – a place where people and their well-being comes first. This is the future. We invite all those who want real reform to join in the effort to make Malta a better place,” concluded Farrugia.WhatsApp Partit Demokratiku has announced that it will push for GDP measures to be replaced with a more holistic and modern measure of human well-being.Under the proposal, budget planning and policy decisions will be taken after considering the impact on human wellbeing, instead of solely relying on GDP.center_img <a href=’http://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/ck.php?n=ab2c8853&amp;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’https://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=97&amp;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more

British Airways next to adopt Apples Passbook app

first_imgAdvertisement Apple’s Passbook app is gathering speed, with BA preparing to jump on board with the contactless, digital wallet applicationBritish Airways is about to follow its US-based partner American Airlines by introducing support for Apple’s new Passbook app.Apple Insider has received confirmation from the airline that it is working on integrating the e-ticketing functionality to allow iPhone users to check in and board the aircraft. – Advertisement – A representative from BA told the site: “I’m pleased to confirm that the ba.com team are already looking into our website being able to work with the new Apple app, available with the iOS6 upgrade.“Please be assured that we will get our Passbook-compatible functionality live on ba.com as soon as we can.”BA travelers can already bring up digital versions of their boarding passes for use at the airport, but Passbook integration would make it even easier for users to abandon the need to print boarding passes or wait in longer check-in lines at the airport.Passbook arrived on the iPhone with iOS 6 last September and represents Apple’s efforts to embrace the contactless payment / digital wallet revolution without having the need for NFC tech.Airlines like Delta, American, and Virgin Australia already support passbook, along with retailers like Starbucks.Source: T3last_img read more

No job for you without a national ID – minister

first_imgAdvertisement Ugandans who will not have registered to get national identification cards by February 27, next year will not be eligible for employment, education or accessing health services in the country, Internal Affairs State minister has said.Mr James Baba, who was lobbying for a partnership with telecommunication companies’ executive directors for the mass enrolment exercise yesterday, said the move to deny access to such services seeks to compel Ugandans to register and be issued with national IDs.The exercise will be conducted in two phases, according to Ms Betty Nasenja, the deputy National Identity Cards project manager, with the first phase expected to begin next week and end on February 27, 2015 while the second phase will begin after February 2016. – Advertisement – “We will stop the exercise on February 27, next year to avoid any confusion with registering new voters for the 2016 elections, which is expected to take place between February 12 and March 12, 2016,” she said. In the first phase, all Ugandans aged 16 and above will be registered while those aged 15 and below and aliens will be registered in the second phase.Ms Nasenja, however, noted that there will be a continuous enrolment exercise for Ugandans who will not have registered by February 27 next year for various reasons.Mr Baba called upon telecommunication companies to partner with them to publicise the exercise by offering their platforms to send bulk SMS and also offer other logistical support.Although telecoms pledged to collaborate, they said they can only be able to reach out to about 50 per cent of the population who are using their networks.last_img read more

Which horse will AP ride

first_imgWith A P McCoy agonising over which horse to ride in the Grand National we at Star Sports have come up with a market.Give us a call if you fancy a bet, ‘friendly’ stakes only on this market!08000 521321Sunnyhillboy (right on pic) was beaten just a nose by Neptune Collonges in last year’s race.The Ted Walsh trained Colbert Station comes to the race onto a hat-trick and warmed up for this with a win at Punchestown – over hurdles!Speaking on Sky Sports, McCoy added: “There’s a lot of positives and sadly the decision is going to be mine and it’s going to be made late in the day. I’m under no pressure to make the decision.”Star Sports go Sunnyhillboy 8/11, Colbert Station 11/10 (odds subject to fluctuation)last_img read more