Work together to fight poverty alleviation six Panshan area

1 on the morning of 21 July, the liberation of the mountains of the province of province will be coordinated to promote the province of Qinghai in the East Sea area of Ledu. Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of transport, party secretary Li Xiaopeng speech, provincial governor Wang Jianjun speech; Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai four provinces leaders were introduced in this six provinces area poverty alleviation work Panshan, relevant ministries and commissions of the State Council on the support area of Poverty Alleviation Policies and measures for the interpretation and highlights, and respond to the four provinces questions. Dai Dongchang, Vice Minister of the Ministry of transport chaired the meeting, vice governor of the province to attend the meeting of the president of the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the Ministry of transport, vice chairman of. read more

The National Games on the delegation of Qinghai added 2 two prize 3 third prize

In August 12th, the Qinghai delegation to participate in the National Games of the Triumphant news keeps pouring in. Part of the national wrestling athletes in our province won 2 other awards and 2 other awards, such as the national martial arts won the 1 prize of three, three.To carry out a wide range of

tenth games with all project comprehensive start, the athletes in our province will also participate in the next racing shoes, high foot racing, cricket, shuttlecock and performances for the project.   read more

The province’s social credit system construction leading group working conference held

11 30, the province’s social credit system construction leading group working conference held in Xining. Provincial Party committee, deputy governor, the provincial social credit system construction leading group leader Zhang Guangrong attended and spoke.

the meeting pointed out that the construction of social credit system is an important foundation for improving the socialist market economy, promote economic and social development and an important measure to promote the transformation and upgrading of social governance, is an important aspect to promote traditional culture, establish a good image, is the "key link" credit Qinghai "construction. Of the party since eighteen, according to the country’s overall arrangements in our province continue to improve policies and measures, strengthen policy guidance, from point to surface, further promote the construction of social credit system continued to deepen, to provide a stable support for the sustainable and healthy development of economy and society. read more

Strengthen grassroots management and control

In order to do a good job in the city to prepare for the prosecution, to further strengthen the road traffic safety management, and effectively reduce all types of traffic violations and uncivilized traffic behavior, and create a good atmosphere of the city to create an inspection work

for the city to do a good job of preparing for the prosecution, to further strengthen the road traffic safety management, and effectively reduce all types of traffic violations and uncivilized traffic behavior, and create a good atmosphere of the city to create an inspection work. Bureau of the deployment of organs, the police station more than 70 vehicles, from now on to enrich the traffic police detachment on duty brigade in the four district, to assist the traffic police department to strengthen urban road traffic management. read more

Xining City the total amount of financing and strive to break through 12 billion yuan of 64 major p

Central Plaza North expansion, Xining Railway Station and other key projects are common people’s attention, with adequate funding, these projects can be implemented faster, better. In February 27th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Finance Office, this year, Xining city will continue to expand the amount of project financing, continue to promote the construction of key projects, and strive to break through 12 billion yuan of total financing, to ensure the full completion of the 64 Xining municipal key construction project, a $26 billion 94 million annual investment plan. read more

Three departments from 22 to accept the people’s review

to carry out the party’s mass line educational practice to lay a solid foundation. Approved by the CPC Xining Municipal Committee, Xining Municipal People’s Government in 2013, will choose the housing and Real Estate Management Bureau, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Xining branch of China Unicom China held "report to the people, please review the people" live events, accept social appraisal. Live events, three departments from all walks of life to report to the Council representatives the departments perform their duties, to promote the work, pay attention to people’s livelihood, serving the people, improve efficiency, improve the style of the situation, and by the site Council on behalf of the participating units in the construction industry and political popular wind field evaluation scoring, the results announced on the spot. Experts and scholars on the participating units, focusing on strengthening the management of the industry, moral construction, style improvement, service improvement, according to law and other content, comments and suggestions. read more

Sell Wahaha liquor is not deliberate in wine

with the continuous development of the market, more and more companies began to expand their sales market. In November 5th, Wahaha Group announced a partnership with Guizhou Maotai Town gold wine sauce Co., once again involved in the liquor industry. The two sides will set up a joint venture funded Wahaha holding 80% gold wine sauce 20%.

read more

What are the snack bar processes Small business ideas recommend

        what is the snack bar? A snack bar has the very big development space in our lives, we all know, opened a snack shop to understand the process, then the flow shop in the shop prior to detailed understanding, only in accordance with certain procedures, can be more happy shop, below, is to introduce the process of

open snack bar!

        customer orientation

        snack consumption is generally not high, belongs to the mass consumer, customer orientation is the ages. read more

Wang Yubo to participate in the deliberations stressed in the three district strategy in the forefro

the afternoon of January 23rd, mayor Wang Yubo Xining delegation to participate in the joint review. In his speech, he pointed out that to ensure the simultaneous construction of a well-off society with the country, we need in the next eight years, year after year, solid and effective work. This year we will be in accordance with the requirements of the provincial government of Xining, and strive to walk in the forefront of the province in the implementation of the three strategic areas, to speed up the city planning and construction, cultivate the market main body, improve the protection of people’s livelihood dibiao extended surface to walk on a path of development with the characteristics of Xining city. read more

Xining city in 2015 senior high school entrance examination entrance examination admission scores de

In 2015 the city senior high school entrance examination enrollment on the basis of the "Xining city in 2015 and graduated from junior high school entrance examination work plan", spirit balanced and orderly in accordance with the principle of "based on the score, followed by voluntary" merit.

Xining city middle school: 498

Xining city middle school: 417

Xining city
read more

Qinghai old people how to support tomorrow

With the arrival of the age of "

", the pension problem is more and more popular. From "and", "social endowment", a lot of people are looking forward to, when we grey-haired, will enjoy what kind of pension service? Qinghai has entered the aging society, how to care of elderly people in Qinghai, how to live?

this year’s government work report specifically to speed up the construction of pension service system. This reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, to conscientiously implement the State Council "" several opinions on accelerating the development of pension services, according to the provincial government, the provincial Civil Affairs Department in the in-depth research and extensive solicitation of the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Finance and other 31 provincial departments and 8 municipalities (state) based on the opinions and suggestions of the government, to study the development of the "Implementation Opinions on accelerating the development of pension services (Draft)", made a more complete and systematic planning for the Qinghai pension. Intended to create a quiet and peaceful life for the elderly in Qinghai Province, let me all the old people and old age, happy. read more

Provincial Party Committee Organization Department Minister Qi Yu to guide research in Datong County

7 10 afternoon, the provincial Party committee, Minister of the Organization Department of the Municipal Committee, comrade Qi Yu Shujiang, Datong county Party Secretary Yan Municipal Committee, organization department minister Zhang Xuetian, Municipal Organization Department Deputy Minister Ge Peijun, Minister of the Organization Department of the county committee, comrade Zhou Haichun has accompanied by in-depth Dong Xia Zhen Shuo Bei Xiang, Datong County duolong drug maker Taiwan Wan, Qiaotou Town Village Shuiquan Bay research to guide the military enterprises build a model village ". read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics combined with practical statistical work and carry out the chu

Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics in accordance with the overall provincial and municipal requirements, closely around the "eternal loyal character, striving to pioneer development, enhance the statistical capacity, the theme of service science development", a comprehensive grasp of "promoting scientific development and social harmony, serving the people, strengthen grassroots organizations" the overall objective, combined with full statistics information, consultation and supervision functions, and carry out the "chuangxianzhengyou" activities. read more

The province has 1200 enterprises to set up grass roots party organizations

was founded in 1989 from the party’s first private enterprises in our province branch, was formally established in November 12th this year, the province’s first private enterprise party, held its first party congress, Qinghai prosperous group companies rely on the good work of Party building, started from a farmer and construction team, through their own efforts and preferential policies to support, to become one of the the top 500 private enterprises China.

prosperous group company is a comprehensive private enterprise in construction, industry and trade as a whole, since 1989 the establishment of the Party branch, branch Party committee was established in 1999, and actively explore the private enterprise party construction work way, strengthen the construction of Party organizations in enterprises, carry out education policies, and the party’s basic knowledge among employees and, combined with the enterprise, the staff to carry out ideological and political work, the party organization should play a role in the enterprise. At present, the company has 64 party members, in accordance with the leadership, management, management of the industry set up a branch of the party, many of whom are members of the Sala, Hui, Tu, Tibetan and other ethnic minorities. After the establishment of the Party committee, the prosperity of the company will maximize the functions of the Party committee, and strive to build brand, better bring together other non-public economic organizations. read more

Xining City Maternal and child health center held chuangxianzhengyou Analysis Council

Recently, Nanning City chuangxianzhengyou activity analysis center held a council meeting

recently, Nanning City chuangxianzhengyou activity analysis center held a Council meeting. All members of the Central Committee, various subjects (room) and some of the representatives of the masses of workers attended the meeting.

meeting first learn to convey the spirit of the Thirteenth National Congress of the CPC Central Committee in the sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, the city of Xining, and the center of chuangxianzhengyou activity were reviewed, and pointed out the deficiencies, and the next step of work arrangements, each group center and all Party members must according to Party branch "Five" and the Communist Party "five lead standard activities, control plan commitment to excellence and actively practice commitment, establish a good image of the Communist Party, to ensure that the center chuangxianzhengyou activities to achieve tangible results. read more

Xining Provincial Livestock breeding farms in 2011 District to determine the successful completion

By the Agricultural Department of the Qinghai Province in 2011 the provincial scale livestock and poultry farms (District) found work in the near future ended, by the Qinghai provincial animal husbandry leading (experts) expert group group of five members and experts from the Qinghai University, Haidong Prefecture Livestock experts recommended in four districts and three counties city scale livestock farms (area) were identified

by the Agricultural Department of the Qinghai province in 2011 the provincial scale livestock and poultry farms (District) found work in the near future ended, by the Qinghai provincial animal husbandry leading (experts) expert group group of five members and experts from the Qinghai University, Haidong Prefecture Livestock experts recommended in four districts and three counties city scale livestock farms (District) were identified. read more

Sanjiang source painting exhibition in Xining

from October 9th to 11, sponsored by Sanjiang Province, the source of ecological protection and construction office, the Provincial Museum, the provincial cadres activity center, the government of Beijing Tyrone engineering management company, Province veteran Painting Society hosted the "Sanjiang Art Exhibition" held at the provincial museum. Veteran cadres in the province with more than 120 paintings and calligraphy works to express the old comrades of the party’s eighteen victory held good wishes. Li Mingjin, Liu Xiao, and so on, and, the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the 9. read more

Provincial public hospitals to cancel the addition of drug plus 15% of the total income to benefit t

reporter in September 21st from the provincial health reform office was informed that from May 1st this year, the abolition in the province’s 14 provincial public hospital drug addition, provincial public hospitals put 15% bonus income to help people, is expected to reduce the medical burden of 240 million yuan for the masses.

it is understood that in the pilot work of the province’s comprehensive reform, the provincial public hospital comprehensive cancel drug addition, the hospital reduced part through 3 channels: 50% compensation from government subsidies, 40% through the adjustment of medical service price to reduce costs through translation, 10% Hospital of fine management. In addition to the government to allocate special fund subsidies to hospitals, but also in accordance with the total control, structural adjustment, rise and fall, step by step "principle, to ensure sustainable development of medical institutions, medical insurance fund, can bear the burden of patients does not increase under the premise of appropriate to improve diagnosis and treatment, surgery, nursing and other high technology content of medical service price lower the price standard, standard testing and inspection project. read more

West District of Xining City Cultural Tourism Festival opened the curtain

In May, Xining City West District to carry out the "2013 summer dream season – West District Cultural Tourism Festival" series of activities, and vigorously promote the integration of urban culture, tourism, commerce, service industry development, increase regional economic vitality.

the end of the series of activities will last from May to the end of September, including "activities in progress · activity; western car festival," landmark commercial street · Fu Mei West shopping culture season, "enjoy life · colorful western culture," hand in hand "delicacy season civilization · happiness; western wedding culture season," passion across · health; West "outdoor travel season," I love my family · livable Western cultural season, "" real estate Home Furnishing heavy cold South · western culture "folk collection Season 8 contents. (author: Su Jianping) read more

Xining daily assessment issues will be accountable

July 5th, the Xining municipal Party committee and government responsible for the work of the leading group to develop the introduction of the "Xining honest government accountability system for the evaluation of the daily work (Trial)" (referred to as the "measures").

"approach" clearly the main responsibility of the daily supervision and evaluation of the city’s four districts and counties, municipal departments, municipal organs and units, people’s organizations three. And the provisions of punishment and prevention system construction and clean government responsibility, anti-corruption education, honesty and self-discipline of leading cadres and style construction, power restriction and supervision and other key annual objectives and tasks of the daily supervision and evaluation on the implementation of leadership. The daily work of the implementation of percentile system, once every quarter, the end of the year will be the average score of 10 points converted into an average, accounting for the annual punishment and prevention system construction and clean government assessment of the total score of 10%. "Evaluation methods" provisions, daily work evaluation implemented by the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau, mainly adopts the method of combining the special inspection, thorough investigation, City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau of each room, sent discipline work (Supervision Bureau) can take phone calls, access to relevant information of each unit to implement the daily work evaluation. The inspection found that the "goal" and "tasks" missing items, each quarter score deducted from when 5-10 found the problem; the heavier accountability unit of the first responsible person, serious problem, cause certain consequences to cancel the annual clean government unit assessment appraised qualifications. (author: Jia Quanjun) read more