How to see the effect of the global website optimization


, a website search engine is included. The web page included, fully reflects the attention of the search engine on the web. Professional understanding is that the search engine spiders to crawl the site every day in the new content. Then, effective can be stored in the search engine server. When a visitor violates the relevant content of information retrieval, to find the demand content;

site was force, produce transient effect, short-term operation and long-term development of the site is bad. Therefore, the optimization effect of optimization of global staff to learn to observe the site, the main observation point is as follows, effective analysis of site status quo basis.

The external data

website optimization, is the main form of the free flow of e-commerce information platform to promote the. Through the analysis of the search engine, making the corresponding optimization scheme. Because of the diversity of industry, optimization scheme specified also have different points. Such as optimization of collection industry and healthcare industry, with great contrast. If the collection is required to collections and brands, and mainly by the hospital medical treatment, equipment, and the popularity of the hospital. There are some similarities between the two brands. So, if a good and effective operation of the brand, can produce a lot of timeliness. Back to the website optimization effect is not immediately gradually highlighted.

The analysis of

website optimization, is the need of global observation. Not just on one of the two, the status quo of the site will be able to make effective analysis. So, website optimization needs comprehensive grasp, effective, step-by-step analysis of the site. If you have problems, timely correction, to eliminate errors within a short period of time. Portal site optimization is very simple, comprehensive grasp, is not simple. This article from: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuacang贵族宝贝

three, the website data, is a key priority. Analysis of website can reasonable data, understand the site situation clearly, is a long-term and effective work. Through a number of data on the web, such as access, access time, bounce rate and so on, specify the corresponding data analysis table. Through the analysis of the average effective, will get some data on the basis of. The website problems, the corresponding analysis, the effect will be more.

two site, which included the amount of chain. Outside the chain, the effect of which can play is very powerful. Now the search engine, the weight of foreign chain, is still recognized. If a website, with tens of thousands of high quality chain. The weight, will show up in the short term. Then, will directly promote the transformation rate of website promotion;

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